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Breathable Air Cascade Transfill Systems - Pricing
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Delta Breathable Air Cascade Systems

Transfill 1 to 6 SCBA cylinders at a time from a bank of 3 to 10 supply tanks




Designed for use by:

  • Fire Stations
  • Ambulance Companies
  • Emergency Rescue
  • Research & Development
  • Government and Military applications

Cascade systems include:

  • Stainless steel manifolds, bushings and fittings. 
  • 2 ft. high pressure hoses rated to pressure selected.
  • CGA-346 termination fittings are certified to 3000 PSI.
  • CGA-347 termination fittings are certified to 6000 PSI.

Please call 770-534-0920 to order, or email questions to

Breathable Air Cascade System Pricing (3000 PSI – CGA-346 terminations) 
     Part No.Supply Cylinder ConnectionsFill Cylinder HosesPrice
DEL B3C-1H-33 connections1 hose1600.00
DEL B3C-2H-33 connections2 hoses2200.00
DEL B3C-3H-33 connections3 hoses2550.00
DEL B4C-1H-34 connections1 hose1900.00
DEL B4C-2H-34 connections2 hoses2375.00
DEL B4C-3H-34 connections3 hoses2700.00
DEL B5C-1H-35 connections1 hose2045.00
DEL B5C-2H-35 connections2 hoses2620.00
DEL B5C-3H-35 connections3 hoses3000.00
DEL B5C-4H-35 connections4 hoses3275.00
DEL B6C-1H-36 connections1 hose2235.00
DEL B6C-2H-36 connections2 hoses2775.00
DEL B6C-3H-36 connections3 hoses3300.00
DEL B6C-4H-36 connections4 hoses3515.00
DEL B7C-1H-37 connections1 hose2775.00
DEL B7C-2H-37 connections2 hoses3150.00
DEL B7C-3H-37 connections3 hoses3565.00
DEL B7C-4H-37 connections4 hoses4150.00
DEL B8C-1H-38 connections1 hose3400.00
DEL B8C-2H-38 connections2 hoses3800.00
DEL B8C-3H-38 connections3 hoses4275.00
DEL B8C-4H-38 connections4 hoses4900.00
DEL B8C-6H-38 connections6 hoses5320.00

Breathable Air Cascade System Pricing (4250 PSI – CGA-347 terminations) 
     Part No.Supply Cylinder ConnectionsFill Cylinder HosesPrice
DEL B3C-1H-43 connections1 hose1600.00
DEL B3C-2H-43 connections2 hoses2200.00
DEL B3C-3H-43 connections3 hoses2550.00
DEL B4C-1H-44 connections1 hose1900.00
DEL B4C-2H-44 connections2 hoses2375.00
DEL B4C-3H-44 connections3 hoses2700.00
DEL B5C-1H-45 connections1 hose2045.00
DEL B5C-2H-45 connections2 hoses2620.00
DEL B5C-3H-45 connections3 hoses3000.00
DEL B5C-4H-45 connections4 hoses3275.00
DEL B6C-1H-46 connections1 hose2235.00
DEL B6C-2H-46 connections2 hoses2775.00
DEL B6C-3H-46 connections3 hoses3300.00
DEL B6C-4H-46 connections4 hoses3515.00
DEL B7C-1H-47 connections1 hose2775.00
DEL B7C-2H-47 connections2 hoses3150.00
DEL B7C-3H-47 connections3 hoses3565.00
DEL B7C-4H-47 connections4 hoses4150.00
DEL B8C-1H-48 connections1 hose3400.00
DEL B8C-2H-48 connections2 hoses3800.00
DEL B8C-3H-48 connections3 hoses4275.00
DEL B8C-4H-48 connections4 hoses4900.00
DEL B8C-6H-48 connections6 hoses5320.00

Breathable Air Cascade System Pricing (6000 PSI – CGA-347 terminations) 
     Part No.Supply Cylinder ConnectionsFill Cylinder HosesPrice
DEL B3C-1H-63 connections1 hose2125.00
DEL B3C-2H-63 connections2 hoses2950.00
DEL B3C-3H-63 connections3 hoses3365.00
DEL B4C-1H-64 connections1 hose2500.00
DEL B4C-2H-64 connections2 hoses3125.00
DEL B4C-3H-64 connections3 hoses3565.00
DEL B5C-1H-65 connections1 hose2685.00
DEL B5C-2H-65 connections2 hoses3445.00
DEL B5C-3H-65 connections3 hoses3940.00
DEL B5C-4H-65 connections4 hoses4320.00
DEL B6C-1H-66 connections1 hose2940.00
DEL B6C-2H-66 connections2 hoses3650.00
DEL B6C-3H-66 connections3 hoses4350.00
DEL B6C-4H-66 connections4 hoses4625.00
DEL B7C-1H-67 connections1 hose3650.00
DEL B7C-2H-67 connections2 hoses4150.00
DEL B7C-3H-67 connections3 hoses4685.00
DEL B7C-4H-67 connections4 hoses5465.00
DEL B8C-1H-68 connections1 hose4495.00
DEL B8C-2H-68 connections2 hoses5000.00
DEL B8C-3H-68 connections3 hoses5565.00
DEL B8C-4H-68 connections4 hoses6450.00
DEL B8C-6H-68 connections6 hoses7000.00

Please call 770-534-0920 Monday - Saturday 9:00 to 6:00  Eastern Time to place your order.