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Oxygen Cascade Transfill Systems
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DEL5C-3H Cascade System

Oxygen Cascade Cylinder Filling Systems

A safe and cost-effective means of transfilling oxygen and other commercial gases.

Our systems are easy to mount and allow for easy expansion to meet future requirements.

Please call us for a written quote or to discuss how our Cascade Systems will best meet your needs. 


 Designed for use by:

  • Fire Departments
  • Rescue Squads
  • Emergency Medical Services
  • Ambulance/Medical ground and air transport
  • Home Healthcare Companies
  • Industrial/Welding Applications 
  • Glassblowing/Crafts
  • Scuba/Dive Shops
  • FBO service providers

 Our Cascade Systems are built in-house to order and ship within one business day. 

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Air-Shield Oxygen Containment Equipment.


  • This high-performance flexible Oxygen Cylinder Refilling System is designed for filling one to six cylinders at a time from a bank of supply cylinders.
  • Supply and fill hoses can be built to any length (up to 60-ft. or longer) or specification.  Standard fill lines are four-ft.  
  • Supply hoses are provided with CGA-540 termination with hand-tight connections as an option for convenience.
  • Cylinder fill lines are terminated CGA-870 or CGA-540 to order for oxygen.  CGA-540 termination with CGA-870 yoke accessory is also available.    
  • On/off metering valves and/or pressure release valves are available as options to control the flow for safety and convenience. 
  • This system may be modified to suit any specification and need.  
  • Standard oxgyen assemblies are pressure rated to 3000 PSI and are available to 6000 PSI.

          Cylinders shown in photo are for illustrative purposes and are not included with the transfilling equipment.



Oxygen Refilling System Pricing 

 Part No.

Supply Cylinder ConnectionsFill Cylinder HosesPrice
DEL 3C-1H3 connections1 hoses1260.00
DEL 3C-2H3 connections2 hoses1625.00
DEL 3C-3H3 connections3 hoses1885.00
DEL 4C-1H4 connections1 hoses1600.00
DEL 4C-2H4 connections2 hoses1750.00
DEL 4C-3H4 connections3 hoses2075.00
DEL 5C-1H5 connections1 hoses1750.00
DEL 5C-2H5 connections2 hoses2040.00
DEL 5C-3H5 connections3 hoses2265.00
DEL 5C-4H5 connections4 hoses2500.00
DEL 6C-1H6 connections1 hoses1850.00
DEL 6C-2H6 connections2 hoses2100.00
DEL 6C-3H6 connections3 hoses2290.00
DEL 6C-4H6 connections4 hoses2635.00
DEL 7C-1H7 connections1 hoses2165.00
DEL 7C-2H7 connections2 hoses2325.00
DEL 7C-3H7 connections3 hoses2485.00
DEL 7C-4H7 connections4 hoses2745.00
DEL 8C-1H8 connections1 hoses2350.00
DEL 8C-2H8 connections2 hoses2500.00
DEL 8C-3H8 connections3 hoses2980.00
DEL 8C-4H8 connections4 hoses3135.00
DEL 8C-6H8 connections6 hoses3520.00
Larger configurations are available.
Optional components are available such as hand-tight connectors, check valves, longer hoses, pressure release valves, etc.
Custom Cascade Systems are our specialty.  Please call us to discuss your needs and a detailed quote. 

Please call 770-534-0920 Monday - Saturday 9:00 to 6:00  Eastern Time to place your order.